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Piedmont Oak House

Residential Project. 2018

As one of my first larger scale independent projects, I faced not only a limited budget but also less experience at this time with software and visual tools. However, I had been working independently as a design consultant for several years at this point and felt confident to tackle this suburban remodel.

The main interior space consisted of a series of semi-connected in an L shape. I chose to move the laundry area, which sat between the foyer and the kitchen. This not only prohibited access, but also made the breakfast eating area crowded and difficult to use. A large picture window was added on the back wall of the home, directly across from the front door. Next to it, a slate tile fireplace was added. The half wall between the dinning and the living rooms was removed, although the original support column was left in place as removal was cost prohibitive. 

Process Example

An Initial Collage 

An Image of the Same Space After

Process Example

View of Living Room Before

An Initial Sketch

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.10.42 AM.png


The images to the right show the before and after conditions of the home's foyer. Many features of the home were designed with the owner's love of film in mind. For example, the long hallway off the foyer caters to a collection of vintage movie posters with trim framing out the location of each piece and a deep black tone on the walls mimicking the feeling of a theater. 

As fans of design as well as film, this space also serves as an ode to Frank Llyod Wright's technique of making gathering spaces feel larger by making the hallways seem more intimate. This particular hallways leeds into an open two story space which played on light tones in an effort to capture a brighter, more expansive feeling. 

Process Example.png

Foyer Before

Foyer After

Breakfast Area

Due to the location of the washer and dryer in the breakfast area, this hot, loud and overcrowded space was difficult to access and seldom used. The machines were relocated and the walls removed in an effort to open this crucial area of the home. This allowed for a larger and more open foyer, improved access to the kitchen and eating areas, and a usable breakfast space. In this process, the unused hall closet was also converted into a pantry by simply moving the door from one wall to the other. 


Office + Upstairs Hall

A small office space originally was accessed off the master bedroom, however its lack of vents for air circulation or temperature control combined with a full sun window to effectively make the space and unusable oven. The entry point was relocated to the upstairs landing, opting for an ceiling height opening that allowed natural sunlight to reach the often dark hallway and eliminating a need for rerouting ventilation. This made the small office into a semi-private alcove, and cost effectively improved multiple spaces. 


Upstairs Hallway Before

Upstairs Hallway In Progress

Master Bath

An unused garden tub occupied valuable real estate in the master bath. The owners hoped to move the vanity from the dark back corner of the room up to the front window. The tub was removed, and the space made available by its absence allowed for a large walk in shower.


Master Bath Before


Master Bath During


Master Bath After

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