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Covered Bridge House

Residential Project. Smyrna, Ga. 2021

The owner of this home hoped to more effectively utilize the relatively small interior space without breaking the bank. The goal here was to open up the space, provide for flow of traffic and light, and re think the aging kitchen. The aesthetic vision played off of the mid-century construction date, with the owner wanting a fairly neutral pallet that could become the foundation for color and playfulness in the interior.


3D Model

The model of the project is VR compatible, utilizing an Oculus Quest 2 and Enscape software. This enables virtual visitors to walk through, visualize, and interact with the proposed space. As a tool, this method was part of an iterative and participatory process. For a quick experience, VR images can be produced for the inexpensive Google Cardboard viewer, or internet links can be produced that allow anyone with a smartphone to engage in a panoramic experience.

Panoramic Experience (Best on a Smart Phone):  View the KitchenView the Living Room



Basement stairs became enclosed in an effort to prevent a draft and help with heating and cooling costs. Next, the 80's era sunroom addition was opened up to provide light and a cohesive breakfast nook.The wall between the kitchen and the dinning room came down, and the kitchen island was relocated to a peninsula in its place. A large pantry style cabinet was added to accommodated additional storage. 

Mid Century vibes enter through the clean wooden cabinets, stone and tile choices, hardware choices, furniture pieces, and decorative accents. 


Living Room

The living room was left largely as it was, keeping the Mid-Century sunken floor and the unique brick fireplace that matches the exterior of the home. An accent wall connects this space to the dinning area, which plays off the choice for a darker blue door while helping the light off-white fireplace stand out. 

An original planter was removed due to its location in between the front door and the living area. This helped to open up the front area area, the hallway to the bedrooms, and the main living spaces. 


Dinning Room

To help keep this room feeling unique and not wholly absorbed by the now open kitchen space, the dinning room's walls were painted Sherwin William's Outerspace. This again pairs with the set of French doors in Sherwin William's Gale Force. These colors were chosen as a foundation for the owner to bring in accents in the greens, blues, yellows, and oranges. 

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