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Utility. Collection. Movement.

Parsons MFAID Studio. Fall 2019.

“Through the simplified use a single found object, I hope to uncover connections and possibly solutions within the universal desires for place, home, community, and safety. Often, we end up creating new community and place through movement.”


This project was sparked by inspiration from the imperfect beauty of a broken chair discarded on 5th Ave and became a continuing experiment in utility through operable items and an exploration into flexible space via a prescribed material and function. 


It pulled from past work, which has dealt with the idea of utility in conjunction with those of collection and movement to create a nexus of communal gathering, sharing, and living of diverse people and cultures. With the project site situated in the East Village, this exploration developed into a temporary, ‘surrogate,’ home offering shelter and new learning experiences to its residents through the use of operable interiority. 


The modeled vignettes present variations of use and utility floating within the wire-frame structure, each representing a floor within the larger framework.

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 10.52.44 AM.png

Left to Right: study of operable items in the area surrounding the project site, section and elevation of project site, plan view of each floor with modeled areas highlighted, axonometric view with modeled areas highlighted.

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